Tuesday, April 5, 2011

life's illustrations

The last few days have been sprinkled with impressive amounts of spit up which means I have spent a disgusting amount of time with my acquaintances residing in the laundry room.  I expect to start ordering a lifetime supply of Dreft soon; and that may not be enough.

When, I have been tied to the Master of Spit Up, I have been looking at iPhone apps online.  My favorite umm, what the heck finds are Pimple Popper (?! ew), Bald Booth, and Fat Booth.  And for 99 cents, you too can have pimple popping and more silly fun right at your fingertips.  How convenient?  I hope none of my friends and family have contributed to making that app a home on the top paid apps list because it makes me feel a little like spitting up myself when I think of it.

I am, however shamefully addicted to this nonsense:

Last week, I took dinner to some friends who just had a sweet baby girl, Emma.  Her and Eisley are three weeks apart.  I was shocked at how gigantic Eisley seemed next to her, knowing the slight age difference and a one pound differential.

I hope our sweet kiddos are friends for a long time.

Please note the pile of laundry waiting to return to its home, the toddler glued to Dora, and my sweats on at 5:00 thanks to the sweet little thing in yellow.

Sad, puffy eyes are the direct result of cleaning her up.  How dare I.

How I spent the afternoon- all things important at my fingertips.

We are finally digging into the cloth diaper stash.  Little Miss has some serious bird legs so we're waiting on some rolls to be able to use most of them.

As Eisley laid sleeping this afternoon, I remembered a specific picture of tiny Ruby.  I only catch fleeting glimpses of similarities between the two and this was one of those times:


Eisley (Outfit 2/3* today)

* so far

Other things taking up my time this week:
-never ending list of thank you notes
-birth announcements (finally done!)
-The Hunger Games series (go read them! fun. interesting books)
-um, oh yeah, that laundry situation

Notice the lack of housecleaning on that list.  Holding out patiently for that maid to show up.


Adriel Booker said...

Those newborn days are exhausting aren't they?!! As excited as I am to have a newborn again... I do get a little nervous too! Especially knowing that I will have a toddler running around as well!! And how fun to have friends with a baby so close in age. I love those little red shoe/socks she's wearing! Completely ADORABLE.

leanne said...

I love all the pictures. Especially the one of ruby and mason. I can't wait until we can get together again. also...I'm slightly jealous of your day! I had to actually get dressed and go places:)

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