Saturday, April 23, 2011

the last few days

I don't know why I can't find time to blog on a regular basis, what with little to no laundry to do, having a pristine house at all times, and two angel children that never need attention.

So a brief recap of sorts:

Ruby had an orthopaedist appointment for a cyst on her ankle.  The short of it: it's a ganglion cyst which is caused by some sort of leak from the tendon sheath (believe me, that's as far as the technical doctor terms go with me...), which has caused the fluid to pool and create a noticeable bump.  It's not an issue currently and would only ever become one if walking became painful or shoes couldn't be worn due to excessive size.  Right now, it's only about the size of a marble.  After studying his face quite seriously,  Ruby said to the PA looking at her foot, "You're not the doctor on House."  I was mortified.  He handled it really well but a large part of me wanted to disappear.

My mom went with me because I am terrified of leaving the house with two small children.

We waited a ridiculous time to see the doctor, but were rewarded with some delicious sushi which has become a minor obsession of mine.

We stopped at the fabric store after that where I attempted to use a giftcard Jimmy got for me in February.  Imagine my surprise when the cashier told me that there was no money on my card.  Humiliation.  I wonder if she thought I just grabbed a card at the checkout to try it.

We had a playdate on Thursday with Leanne where I felt like all I said was "Ruby, share!" and "No Ruby, please don't rip things out of his hands."

Getting a picture of four little people together proved to be quite a funny task.

[There was blatant bribery involved]

Mommy brain moment:

I put a delicious brownie in a bowl, got a prenatal and tossed it in alongside it.  I did several things before digging into dessert.  When I noticed a crunch in my first bite, I realized much too late that it was my prenatal that I was chewing up.  I felt so robbed - that pretty much ruined my moment with sinful brownie, and I felt nauseous until I went to bed last night.  I still feel like choking thinking about it.

Ruby has turned into a living, breathing tornado that creates significant messes in minutes.  Between her and the laundry monster, I should never find the excuse of having nothing to do.  The good news about Eisley ruining multiple outfits a day is that I can put her into many outfits that otherwise may be worn once or twice (sad).

this is her proud face...


She decided she needed a little more attention after we were done dying eggs this afternoon.  The ironic thing is that I just made this sweet little dress yesterday to cover up a poop-stained onesie from Ruby's wee days.

To the person who wished for a white Easter: you got your wish! We need the moisture, so I'm using it as an excuse for comfort food, extra coffee and a snuggly movie night in rather than complaining about it.  But I won't be sad if it turns to rain.  Soon.

Tomorrow we have great plans for hunting eggs, matching dresses, over eating and most of all, rejoicing.

Happy Easter!

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