Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear Eisley

Sissy Bug,

I can hardly believe I have another beautiful girl that I get to write monthly letters to!  I also feel like crying when I think of how quickly time is passing me why which is nothing new.  I felt that way with Ruby, and I'll probably feel that way for the rest of my life.  The last month of my pregnancy crawled by at the speed of frigid molasses; and already it seems so surreal to believe you lived inside of me for nine (but really 10) months.

There is no such thing as being put down for you.  You are a snuggly little thing which is welcomed most of the time.  The other part of the time, the house suffers and your sister might go naked for longer than usual.  I love having snuggly girls, and I'm so glad you prefer to be held.  Every time I hold you, I think about how perfect you fit in my arms, against my chest, and underneath my chin.  There's a reason we fit together so nicely, and I cherish the time that you sit still for me to love on you.  If I do put you down, it's for a very short time and you are happy if music plays near you.  You are like this in the car, and have made your opinion about quiet car rides known loud and clear.  As long as the music is on you are quiet (most of the time).

You are still a peanut!  You have crossed the 8 pound mark and I can see that you have filled out, but you still seem so tiny to me.  Mostly, when I look at your wrist and it's about the same size as your Daddy's thumb.  Or the tiny fingers and toes, and especially the bird legs.  You are long and skinny, but I love it most when you are still so scrunchy and love to be held tightly.

Somehow, you are a spitting image of your Uncle Eric who looks nothing like your momma (or your daddy).  The resemblance is undeniable which makes me realize just how funny genetics are - and it also makes me curious about what looks you'll grow into, and what personality traits you'll get.  Some things you do make me think of your sister (you are very snuggly, you are a night owl; you generally only get upset when you are being changed or are hungry).  But some things are definitely just you (being swadded, waking up early and spending quiet time with me in the morning while Ruby is still sleeping).

Your sister is positively crazy about you.  She loves on you and holds you many times a day.  You always stop what you are doing to listen if you hear her in the room.  You do well to put up with her holding you and kissing you, usually just searching around with your big, beautiful eyes.

Your momma and your daddy are pretty smitten with their second beautiful girl as well.  I cherish the snuggles, savoring the sweet baby smell in hopes it will remain embedded in my memories forever.  Taking in your wispy blonde eyelashes, running my finger along your forehead and up the bridge of your nose as you succumb to heavy eyelids.  Sliding my fingertips across your dark hair, soft as down. Watching your ever-changing expressions as you wonder through mysterious dreams in your sleep.

You find that perfect nook in your daddy's arm every night before bed.  His voice is magically mesmerizing to you and has been since the moment you were born.  I think I have another daddy's girl on my hands.

You traveled on your first airplane (and three more planes thereafter) at 19 days old; you were an angel.  You love to be worn close in a wrap, and that worked well for maneuvering through the airport and riding on the plane.

Every night, you decide when you need to go to bed.  You don't fuss often, but you do at night to let me know you're ready to be massaged with sweet-smelling lotion, dressed in jammies, and swaddled up tight to be snuggled for bed.  And once we're finished with that process, you are usually out for most of the night.  You average waking up once each night, and it's usually not until 4:00 or 5:00.  You have slept straight through the night a handful of times - something for which I am extremely grateful.

Thirty-one days old.  

You are so new to us and yet you fit into our family like a long lost puzzle piece.

We love you, beautiful girl.




Joan said...

She is SO SO SO beautiful!

You are so lucky she's sleeping so well already! I can't wait until Porter starts sleeping through the night (or even only waking up once!)

Jean H. said...

You have two adorable daughters! And, I would like to add, you look marvelous in the photos! Keep snuggling...they don't like it once they hit their teens!! :)

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