Friday, April 15, 2011

another day in the life.

We have had a lazy day around here (read: baby won't let me put her down), so I have sat and watched my tornado of a toddler string toys out all over the house.

We did have a chance to play with noodles and numbers and crayons earlier.  It's amazing to me that she knows how to use a glue stick without trashing herself, the paper, or the table.  She had fun counting out noodles to put with the numbers on her paper.

Ruby has learned how to play hide and go seek this week.  Except not really.  She understands how to count and find someone else, but she can't figure out the hiding side of it.  Jimmy started counting, "One..." and from her room, she yelled, "TWO!" We'll have to work on being a little more stealth.

During a particularly weak festive moment this week, I decided to take on Easter cookies - it only took me two days and ruining the entire first step of frosting to complete them.  There's nothing quite like erasing hours of work after doing something you presume would be a good covering cookies overnight with plastic wrap.  Too much moisture=unhappy frosting.  Boo.

Sweet Eisley has been smiling this week which makes my momma heart full.  I can't believe how quickly she has evolved from newborn to squishy baby with chubby cheeks and two chins, but the smiles make it a little less sad.  I am excited to watch her and Ruby's relationship and bond form, but she is half again as big as she was when she was born.  Time flies by so quickly in the eyes of a mother.

I look at her little back and I think it has doubled in size in the last six weeks.  Same with her head.  And her teeny tiny little bird legs are starting to get roly poly.  I want to bottle up these moments with her and keep them in my memory forever.  Babyhood seems like such a tease with its fleeting nature.  

Mommy brain moment of the week (this is goooood):  I had the baby bathtub on our bathroom counter, our middle drawer underneath it was open for some reason.  After reaching good temperature, I filled up the tub with about three huge cups of water before realizing that I hadn't closed the drain on the tub, so I actually poured three huge cups of water into my jewelry drawer.

I have a lot of spare times these days, so the more work I can create for myself the better.  Right.

Speaking of, I have a date with my cleaning supplies while Daddy keeps his girls tonight.  Only for things to be torn apart again tomorrow, but that's what I'm here for, right?

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Adriel Booker said...

Those cookies are AMAZING!

Love your mommy-brain moment this week. That is a classic! Mine is from this morning...

I had 21 diapers and inserts soaking in our laundry room sink overnight last night, then this morning put in a load of towels in the washing machine. What I failed to realize is that here in Australia the washing machine drains into the sink rather than through a pipe in the wall. When I came back to get the towels and wash the diapers... I was greeted with the Great Flood. Not only did I waste half of Levi's precious nap time cleaning up... I realized I had just drained an entire x-large load of washing waste water into my cloth diapers... complete with whitening detergent, fabric softener, etc etc etc. All the stuff that I DON'T need to ruin my diapers even more. Grrrrr........ boo. :(

Time to start all over again.

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