Sunday, March 13, 2011

roo roo bug

Ruby is such an amazing big sister.  She always wants to love on her sister.  We have a greater appreciation for the boppy pillow after watching Ruby be able to hold her using that.  When she holds her, she looks down at her sister with so much love and kisses her and expresses her love in ten second intervals.  I love seeing her as a big sister.

Ruby is still as much into animals as she ever has been.  The other day, we were eating dinner with my Mom, and she began making seal sounds.  I have never heard the seal impression, complete with Arr, Arr! noises, claps, and the catching of imaginary fish flying through the air.

We have reached the part where the age of two has made Ruby believe she is about 13.  She has an opinion on everything, and I find myself using things like bubble baths as incentive to be easy.  I'm not used to a child that throws fits and yells out her negative opinions on various matters.  And it doesn't make it any better when she makes refusals using her best pouty face accompanied by a NO THANK YOU!  Sometimes she responds better to being called Seal or Kitty; she complies that way so it's fun to play along if I can remember such things in the heat of the moment.

Among pitiful tactics that she has picked up somewhere along the way: sticking her bottom lip out and letting out a long, drawn out Awwwww. when she asks for something and the answer is not the one she is looking for.  For extra dramatics, there may also be a sinking of the shoulders with it.

My favorite development in Ruby World is that she shares when she likes something or doesn't like something.  She also recently laughed out loud while watching Curious George on tv.  She sings in the car, or sometimes while playing by herself - usually  made up songs, but sometimes you can catch Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and This Little Light of Mine.  She makes her toys interact with one another; her imagination is unbelievable.

I can't believe how big and grown up my sweet girl seems; I know time will fly and Eisley will be here before I know it.  I'm so blessed to have such beautiful kids.  I know I'm biased, but I certainly think they're pretty special.

Ruby's current favorite food: grilled cheese.

And still going strong with the Dora obsession.


Ruby was in the car with my mom and an extremely unhappy baby sister.  I had to run into the store for two things, so I left my poor mom in the car with both kiddos, one of which was screaming.  Mom told me when I came back out that at first Ruby was very into gentle shushing of Eisley.  It's okay, Eisley.  And when that didn't work, it turned into a brusk STOP CRYING!  Poor Ruby just looks at her when she cries for what appears to be no reason.  Though the crying thing with Eisley isn't very often.

Today, as I dried my hair, Ruby came in on her phone (a tag off of a new shirt) and said, "Quiet - I'm talking to Moo."

Jimmy got Ruby to say, "Holy Guacamole" so she now walks around randomly saying "Guacamole" which is perhaps the cutest word in her vocabulary at present.

As Ruby finished picking up her toys, Jimmy said, "Thanks Sparky!"  Ruby replied adamantly, "Not Sparky -- Ruby!"

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