Thursday, March 17, 2011

my beautiful girls & half-formed thoughts

I was so convinced this little peanut was a boy that my sister took my word for it and bought this very boy onesie.  Fortunately, she makes navy blue look pretty good, especially with baby legs and a pretty flower.)

Eisley is two weeks old.  We have made it two entire weeks with two children and no one seems to any worse off.  We're all still alive, anyway.

I can't stop eating; the cravings bounce between spicy and sweet.

I also can't stop nesting.

One would think by those two things, that I might miss being pregnant.  One would be wrong. (I'm so thankful to have my sweet little one here).

I'm slowly figuring out a routine that works for two kiddos.  It helps that they are both fairly predictable. And babywearing makes housework 200 times easier (minus, the extra weight).

My mind conveniently lost the information it had about the amount of laundry a newborn produces.  And we aren't even fully into cloth diapers yet because a) sweet pea is too little (I mean, so little her legs can't even make a proper little bum crack) and b) her belly button isn't completely healed.

I keep looking at Eisley and wondering how she grew so perfectly inside of me.  Both girls did.  And I feel so overwhelmingly blessed, I feel like crying.

In light of March Madness, Jimmy has taught Ruby to say "North Carolina HOO HOO HOO" (complete with fist pumps) followed directly with "Duke - Boooooo!"  Where she tries to do a thumbs down without closing her fist.

Ruby and I spent time this morning playing a game of memory; she almost beat me.  I wish I were kidding, but the kid has serious memory skills.

Also, anyone that doubts the reality of mommy brain, come over.  Because I am living proof...and a total space case.

we've got some serious chunking up to do on those baby thighs!

I feel so incredibly blessed to be spending so much time at home with my gorgeous girls.  I hope the future holds lots of this.


LaVonne said...

I love it. Thanks for the update. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

Jean H. said...

They are beautiful--and you deserve to have a "mommy brain" - we all do at one time or another. Enjoy them while they are small and snuggly...

The Princess said...

I thank God every day that I found your blog. Having just welcomed our third baby into our home (really, it's a blast), it's lovely to have something to read that's enjoyable during those wonderful middle-of-the-night feedings. I can relate to everything you post, except for the beautiful little accessories on your boys all threw a bit of a fit when I tried to put flowers in their hair.
Thanks again for the entertaining read.

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