Saturday, March 12, 2011

life with two.

Life with two kiddos isn't exactly as difficult as I had imagined, but boy is it different!  Eisley is only nine days old, so we're still figuring things out with her and our old daily routine has been replaced with what seems like a lot of chaos.

Ruby loves her little sister a lot; she loves to help me do things with her, she loves giving kisses, and she always asks to hold her.  My favorite is when Eisley fusses and Ruby says, "Come here!"  I never know what she's going to do with a crying baby, but it's the thought that counts.

However, my sweet girl who rarely was hard to get along with has been such a two year old the last few days.  My heart hurts watching her try to figure things out, testing limits, and just being defiant.  I want my sweet baby girl back.  I know she is figuring things out just as we are doing; her way of doing so is a source of frustration because she handles things much differently than we do.

We have really been working on setting time aside for just Ruby, for snuggles, playing, reading books, and just loving.  I know we'll get into a place where things are great for both of them.  I feel blessed that she is so in love with her sister, and that no resentment is shown.  We'll settle into a predictable and easy routine soon.

We have two beautiful girls, and I am so thankful.  I'm thankful for their health and I'm thankful to have such sweet kiddos to call my own.  The devastating earthquakes in Japan have made me stop to think about every single moment that I want cherished.  A reminder of how small and incapable we are with such bigger forces around us.  I want to enjoy the moments I have with my beautiful family.  If the dishes don't get done right away, and the floor is left unmopped - oh well.

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