Monday, March 14, 2011

busy week & sweet baby photos

We have had quite the week and weekend around here.  As if having a new little one wasn't enough excitement, we have ventured out into the real world twice, and I have been out to my parents' three times in the last week - one of which was with both girls by myself.

And let me tell you... packing for two kids, I feel like I could take my stuff and move in somewhere.  I took so much stuff out there, I had to make three trips to and from the car in order to get it all.  Aside from the toddler and baby necessities, I was also toting photography accessories because the lighting out there is particularly dreamy and I wanted to get some pictures of Little Miss while she's still so tiny and scrunchy and cutely wrinkled.  I got some fun pictures that capture her tiny features, making me slightly more jealous that we don't have that sort of lighting in our own house.  But perhaps, that's better for Ruby and Eisley or I would be snapping pictures daily.

And also?  I was a good half hour later than I wanted to be.  The same thing happened today when we went to visit again.  I have to get better at this whole leaving the house thing.

My sister has made us a meal, my Mom has made us a meal and helped out with the kiddos and things around the house several times, and a good friend brought a meal by.  We are surrounded by such love!

We had Eisley's first pediatrician visit this week; she has gained six ounces and now weighs six pounds, twelve ounces.  The doctor was extremely impressed, so aside from them being an hour behind schedule at 9:00 in the morning, I left fairly pleased.

So far, Eisley seems to be of the laid back variety just like her big sister.  She gets upset when she's hungry and when she is naked.  The same things set Ruby off.  Also (and I feel like I am risking having things thrown at me for saying this), she is essentially sleeping through the night.  She has slept until 6:30 once and 8:00 once.  The rest of the nights, she has slept all the way through with the exception of about a 3:00 AM waking.  It feels amazing to be sleeping again.  I feel like we have also been blessed with another snuggler; one of my very favorite things about Ruby.

She has kept the same sleep and awake patterns that she had in the womb.  She naps off and on for most of the morning and afternoon and she is wide awake from about 8:00 - 10:00 at night.  It's fascinating to me that this is all the same in different environments.

I'm looking forward to a laid back, relaxing week at home with nothing pressing on the to do list, and nowhere to travel.  Traveling with two babies is exhausting, even with help.

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