Monday, February 28, 2011

recent Ruby

My grandma is known for always having chewy homemade gingersnaps every time we visit.

My mom will be the grandma with the chocolate chip cookies.  Ruby has made cookies with Ama many times.  So many times, that when we asked her what to get Ama for her birthday, she said, "'CAT CHIPS!" Which, I understand, if you didn't know that she considers chocolate's alias to be "cat" then that would be a little weird.

As of late, Ruby has been into expressing likes and dislikes.  "I don't like it!" is an overused term in our house at this moment.  Also, "I'll do it!" and "I can't do it!"  And I like it.  I like that she is figuring out how to express herself and her thoughts.  We are working on keeping the accompanying furrowed brows and dramatic frowns out of the picture, mostly because I know I'll see plenty of them, along with the rolling eyeballs, in about ten years.

She has taken to calling her daddy by his first name.  And when he doesn't answer her calls for "Jimmyyyy" she resorts to calling, "Jaaaames!"  It's hard to stifle laughter which only encourages her, but the context for her using his name is so hilarious.

And lately, her prayers have included expressed thankfulness for oatmeal and cereal along with "baby sister" (among other things).  It's the important things in life, like oatmeal, that we should certainly be thanking God for.

We are 100% potty training successful.  Including nights for the time being which isn't an issue we have pushed (I don't limit her water or cut her off early).  I am so proud of her.  The sticker chart and beans (jelly bellies) seem to have done the trick for her.  She's easy to please.

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