Thursday, February 24, 2011

pregnancy made me do it.

This last week can only be described Hormonal with a side of rebellion.  The hormonal part should speak for itself, but the rebellion has included things like pondering the what ifs of various situations, almost challenging labor to come on.  Not showering, not charing my phone, not filling up my gas tank.  Clearly, the baby hasn't gotten the memo, because despite underhanded passive aggressive threats, residence is still being taken up in my body.

You know you're hormonal when you cry while watching The Bachelor.  I also watched my child and my mother walk hand in hand down the street and nearly collapsed into tears.  Watching my baby sister play her last home basketball game and essentially carrying her duties out as a superstar (three point shot made to send them to overtime, and ultimately win) made me want to vomit and sob all at once.

Forget sympathy nesting they talk about.  Who are these women that are blessed with such husbands anyway?!  My husband nests because he fears the outcome of a particular mood swing should my house not be meticulously clean.

I overheard two comments this week that nearly sent me into an aggressive tailspin.  Thankfully for them, I do have an iota of self control.  One lady whispered to someone standing next to her, "She hasn't even dropped yet."  Another lady told people around her that I had still had a month to go.  Neither of those comments are true and neither should hold any merit - however, I can't handle the know it all strangers that seem to surface more towards the end of pregnancy.

I spent the first part of my pregnancy terrified of my water breaking at work; I would welcome that scenario now.

& thankfully, I do NOT have a month to go.  I am afraid I would die if that were the case.

I contemplated how to get myself out of bed for a good five minutes this morning.  Each leg seems to weigh about 300 pounds; I do a great impression of a turtle stuck on its back.

My bones have all collapsed, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that are involved in holding up this 30 pound 7 pound child have quit their job in life.

Can you tell I'm more than ready to get this little monkey here?

I only make a great pregnant person from about 20 weeks to 37 weeks.

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Jean H. said...

I still think you look AMAZING! Strangers don't know a thing, so I don't know why they have to blab. I'm so excited to see what you have and, of course, when baby decides to make an appearance! Your body goes through so many changes, it's understandable that you think you're only a good pregnant person for some of the weeks!

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