Tuesday, February 8, 2011

old wives tales

[also known in this case as: silly things to make pregnant women do in order to discover the gender of their unborn child, despite the odds remaining at a fair 50/50]

Not finding out the gender is one of the most rewarding things in life-this is the second time I have done it, and there just aren't words.  That's not to say that there isn't some extreme curiosity, because I certainly can't wait to figure out who is in there.

Until then, I decided to test out some of these silly old wives tales just to make me a little more crazy.

The Chinese Baby Gender Predictor says girl.  (it should be noted here that it said Ruby was a boy.)

Intelligender said girl. 

The way I carry low and out front supposedly means baby is a boy.

Heart rate above 140 says girl. 

Craving SWEETS says girl. 

Non-hairy legs (ha ha!) says girl. 

Having a pillow on the south side of me in bed says girl. 

My feet are always cold says it's a boy.

Morning sickness says it's a girl.

The sum of my age at conception and the month at conception being an even number says boy.

And all I can do is sit here and laugh.  Because these are all so ridiculous.  We'll see which ones become coincidentally correct with me.


Sheena said...

The Chinese gender predictor said that Gunnar was going to be a girl.

Jean H. said...

I'm thinking boy since you had the strong feelings about "him" several times. Generally, it's mother intuition...or was in my case both times! I also think it looks like you are carrying low and "out front" like I did with my boy--my girl sat up in my lungs!

Unknown said...

Oh my word! Non-hairy legs is an old wives tale predictor??? I seriously could not figure out why my leg hair didn't grow! Is it seriously a pregnancy thing cause that is so crazy! Either way, I think you are having a boy! :D I can't wait to find out though so I'm sure you are going crazy!

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