Monday, February 7, 2011

family things

Baked french toast fills my house with swirling scents of cinnamon, Ruby and I are pajama clad-me with a cozy babycake nestled in with the hiccups-preparing for our cozy girl's night in.  Topping the day off with a classy dose of television - The Bachelor - knitting, and some goodnight stories seems only appropriate.

Our weekend disappeared as rapidly as it came, but we enjoyed some quality family time.  Ruby and I spent Saturday with Ama and Moo; a simple girl's day out complete with a Starbucks run, lunch, and plenty of perusing racks full of clothes I can only aspire to fit in at this point.  Sunday should have been named Cookie Bowl Sunday rather than Superbowl Sunday because a) I spent an entire day making frosting, experimenting with frosting, eating frosting, and waiting for frosting to dry and b) seriously, the football game?  I could hardly stand forcing my already tired eyes to watch such a drab game (with a messed up national anthem and horrible halftime show with zero amusing commercials).

The cookies are sitting in cellophane bags, adorned with ribbons and notes of thanks, waiting to be grabbed from the freezer on our way to meet Babycake.  I wanted a fun, unique way of showing the hospital staff our thanks when the time comes.

Ruby has clearly watched too much Dora the Explorer.  Lately, we have been looking for things (my glasses, her sock, my sister when we were shopping) and her problem-solving skills always lead her to taking the map route.  It seems unfair for me to tell her imagination we can't use a map to locate her lost sock, so we pull out her map and locate the missing item.


When Ruby has been warned or asked to do something several times without listening, then she has to go sit.  We always talk after she sits, but lately when she is asked to go sit, she says, "Talk Mama?" before sitting.  It's worth a try in her little mind-remove the pesky sitting part, cut straight to the chase.

And the cheeser face.  She knows this face by name-we are not sure where she picked it up from, but she flashes it at the funniest times.  Impossible to resist.

in case you couldn't quite picture it.

And because I promised I would never be that mom, I'll just say this: Two thumbs up for potty training progress.

Babycake's impending arrival is never far from the forefront of my mind.  Being breech seems to be a hobby of the past for the little one which has been a primary concern for weeks.  Fingers crossed this remains a thing of the past.

I can't fathom how my sweet little family is about to change, but I'm ready to tackle the challenge knowing that I get to meet another precious little person very soon.

[26 days until D-day.]


LaVonne said...

My Princess is 3 and she always wants to know how to get somewhere -which means pretend to be the "Map" and make up a route.

Those cookies are adorable!

Kelley said...

Hi - I ran across your blog when searching for cookies. I have committed to making 50 monogrammed cookies for a baby shower this weekend and the icing I'm using to write the initials doesn't dry but sticks to the cellophane bags. Ugh. Can you email me any tips you may have? kpd1010atgmaildotcom

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