Sunday, February 27, 2011

common theme

We did a whole lotta this over the weekend.  Baby snuggles, movies, and vegging.  While it's hard not to feel guilty over the other things I could have been doing, I found myself cherishing last moments with Ruby as an only child.  She probably thinks her mom is defective.  I cannot move or do anything else in a normal fashion these days.  She has gotten so good at hearing me answer her when she asks, "What happened?"  that she now hears groaning and says, "Mommy sore?"

The other day, she asked me what happened and I told her my back hurt.  She said, "Need Ama to fix it?"  She knows her Ama has like-super powers when it comes to healing.  Unfortunately, those powers don't include repairing pregnancy-induced damage at this point.  That can only be done by...having a baby!

And in case it wasn't obvious...I'm still here.  Still pregnant.  And likely ignoring phone calls and other messages inquiring about my status.  Those questions at the end of pregnancy should be illegal.

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