Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cold day

Watch for the airborne swine because we have been given a snow cold day.  No school due to the frigid temperatures.  This from the school that doesn't cancel school if there is twelve inches of snow on the ground.

I have great plans to catch up on sleep, make baked oatmeal, and possibly conquer the crocheting side of the world.  You know in between chasing my toddler and wrangling her imaginary pet fox (and all that he requires which seems to be more than her-we had to save him bath water to drink), standing this way, that way, and on my head to move my breech baby into a better position, and cleaning my house.

Knitting, scrapbooking, reading.  I hardly have time for a day off-there is far too much calling for my attention.

I did get a reassuring phone call from my doctor.  Last week, I went in for lab testing to rule out the exposure to Fifths Disease which can be dangerous to a a unborn baby.  My tests came back normal, and just to be extra cautious, we get another sneak peek at babycake tomorrow.

Also?  Shopping trip on Saturday with my baby girl, mom, and sister.  This week is turning out just the way I like it.

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