Friday, February 4, 2011

babycake countdown

Sneak peek at baby was unrevealing and anti-climatic.  Just the way I wanted it to be.  We did get a peek of baby breathing which assured me that I am indeed not insane.  For the last couple of weeks, I have been seeing my belly "breathe" but was unsure of the cause.  Babycake's tiny little diaphragm and ribcage moved up and down yesterday-I can't wait for that little chest to be here, breathing sleepy little breaths in and out.

My nurse informed me that I had lost three pounds which seems like quite the misfortune in my eyes.  I was expecting to hear that I had gained about five (yeah, I'm not one of those dainty little pregnant people that gain twelve pounds in forty weeks), so an eight pound window is sort of confusing.  They'll be in for a surprise when they discover I have gained twelve pounds in one week the next time I see them, and then I'll really look crazy.

My doctor assured me that the shooting pains are quite normal.  Not that that makes them any less embarrassing or occurring at less inopportune moments.  If I buckle over in public, reaching for my thighs, you'll understand it's all normal.  Or perhaps, my public humiliation will just involve a fun little dance as I pretend to feel the after effects of touching an electric fence.

In other fun news?  Twenty nine days until the 40 week mark.  I have so much nesting to complete, so much I would love to finish, but the essentials are all done and we are just missing baby.  I'm beginning to get impatient.

Here's hoping for the monkey to behave from here on out and remain head down.  Do I have a limit tester on my hands already?  Threatening with doctor visits seems to do the trick.  Remind of that when this little one is three.


The other day, Jimmy was picking up a toy that does alphabet-related things.  Ruby was across the room and wasn't watching the events unfold, but when she heard the animated dog start talking, she goes, "HUH?!"  Total shock that this toy would be talking to itself.

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