Thursday, January 27, 2011

valentines and rubyisms

This week, Ruby and I spent some time creating her one of a kind valentines.  She was quite independent and insisted on peeling the festive stickers herself even if it did take awhile.

When she was finished, I gave her a blank piece of paper and told her to draw a picture.  She is beginning to draw things and tell me the respective meanings, so I wrote her words and plan to stash her artwork away as the start to a large pile of treasured hand-created keepsakes.  She drew a picture of "Daddy and his boat, (we don't own a boat...), Ruby, a kitty cat, and a baby with a balloon."

And okay, I'm not turning into a regular potty report blog, but I just have to say that Ruby went potty on the "good girl potty" today - um, number two - for the first time today.  She ate her rewarding oreo proudly and also got to pick out a Zhu Zhu pet (have you seen these creepy hamsters?  Ruby is obsessed with them!) that will be arriving in the mail soon.

We have a long way to go in the potty training realm, but I am so proud of her progress.

End potty talk (I promise).


Ruby has been really into saying okie dokie lately, only she has altered her version into something much cuter and says, "Okie okieee."

Ruby has been following in her daddy's science-brain interests.  The kid will sit and watch "Dirty Jobs" forever and she requests to watch "Bones" (I'm not sure what I'll do with these two when they have taken over the television with such shows.)

Ruby started catching imaginary birds about a month ago.  This usually happens in the car, where she'll randomly shout, "Gotcha bird!" as she brings clasped hands together and kisses the imaginary bird in her hands and kisses it multiple times.  She's also quite likely to say, "Aww, cute bird."  We'll just say she gets this from her daddy too.

Chanting "Go Ruby, go Ruby" as she runs around our bedroom (or rides her trike in the house) and then yelling, "Freeze!" as she stops two seconds later.

The answer, "Wellllll" when you ask her a question as she looks deep into her eyelids to ponder something.

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