Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

Ruby runs nearly-naked through our house, insisting on wearing only a diaper and a scarf, perfectly knotted around her little neck.  Asking for granola bars every five seconds, she's hard to resist; instead she helps me sort through clothing that will fit babycake quite soon and she settles for just one peanut butter granola bar.

Tiny squee-worthy newborn diapers are dancing their way through my washer and dryer, all gender neutral articles of clothing are set aside and waiting for their turn, the swing is put up and the carseat is laid out.  Piles of hospital-ready things are laid out and lists of remaining items fill my head and my counters.

This is all coming to a head and I can hardly believe I'm not still stuck in the time warp of pregnancy-induced vomiting and exhaustion that I was in the first eighteen weeks.  It seems unreal to me that there is a little person doing the last of preparations in order to sustain life here with us.  To be a part of our family and to change our family dynamic like it was always meant to be.

My weekend has been blissfully full of me time, my cute little white-but-sometimes-green kitten-daughter who often answers questions with squeaky little meows, basketball games, and family.

I have books to devour, scrapbook pages to assemble, and relaxing showers to take.  It's too bad Monday is peeking in at me and I have to return to the real world where the constant juggling takes place to get things done.

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