Sunday, January 30, 2011

simple pleasures

I love this messy face.

Last night, I remarked to Jimmy that I felt sad.  Sad that I know we won't remember the simplest of moments that are in our lives now.  The times where Ruby pretends to be a kitty and announces to us that she is climbing our headboard.  The times that she requests to "Dear God"?  The times that she begs Jimmy to turn on Bones.

There is bound to be a time when she is deep in the throes of teenagerhood, where we are consumed by her busy, demanding schedule and she is concerned only about her next phone call, text message, or email, what she'll wear that day, or how embarrassed her parents make her feel.

When I told Jimmy about these things, his reply was short and honest.  "That's why you blog."  It's the truth.  I blog to keep the simple snapshots of our life in a lifelong virtual memory album.  But just as a photo album fails to capture every single living moment, so does my blog.  I wish I had a video of her at every stage of her life, but that's just not feasible.  The made up spur-of-the-moment dance moves, the Rockabye Your Bear song that she knows by heart, her innocent and redundant prayers, her Yippee! when she finds out her Ama is coming to play with her, the way she thanks her Daddy when he frees her after she announces that she's is stuck in another one of his wrestling moves, the way she gives the baby "noses" and kisses and hugs, the way she asks me to take me hair down so she can play with it, the way she uses a paint can opener to search for mystery clues around the house.

For now, I resolve to take down more of the simple moments, capture what I can in pictures and videos, and cherish the simple moments that we are so often guilty of taking for granted.  The moments that are likely to slip through the cracks as her life becomes far less simple than it is now.


LaVonne said...

I really like your blog design. I have not seen it until now. Very nice.

I have started making shutterfly books of the blog posts about my Princess. So I can have it in hard copy too. ;)


Hannah said...

Exactly :-) It's why I blog, too. I'm sure there will be far more technologically exciting ways of archiving once the kiddos are old enough to read it, but I hope they cherish it none-the-less. I know I will.

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