Sunday, January 2, 2011

a love letter.

My Ruby Love,

I love the way you fit into my arms like a long lost puzzle piece; like you were always meant to be there. You can nestle against me and Babycake perfectlywhile lying in bed, and it's one of my very favorite times to spend with you.

I love the way you ask to have your back rubbed at bedtime, and you are equally excited about rubbing backs of others and playing with hair too.

I love the way you come running up and ask, "Feel it?" as you place your sweet little hands on my belly.  Watching you love on this mystery sibling is something I can't express my joy over.  Kisses, hugs, offers to "hold you, baby!" and noses-this little one is so loved by you.

I love the way you ponder life's most serious questions or the whereabouts of any given object by saying, "Hmm, lets see here."  Chin tapping may be involved to accentuate the dramatics.

I love that you become an over-enthused cheerleader for yourself when throwing pieces of trash away.

Yay trash!

I love your obsessive compulsive habits.  The way you line up objects in various patterns is particularly hilarious; I realize you had no chance to not be plagued by some OCD tendencies given that you come by it on both sides.

I love that you constantly want to snuggle.  Snuggle requests are given a hundred times a day, "Hold you, momma?"  If only bottling up the last of your baby scented head were possible.  I want to soak up that, along with all of your sweet little features: your chubby fingers and toes, your impossibly soft skin, your beautiful eyelashes, your unruly hair, your sparkly, enchanting blues, and your perfect little ears.

Most of all, I love the fact that you are ours and that we have had an amazing two years to get to know the sweetest, silliest, cutest little girl.

You have turned our life into a crazy adventure full of so much joy, I can't fathom what we will be facing in the years to come.

Thanks for being such a special person, love.

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