Friday, January 14, 2011

little bits of random

Babycake's world has been taken over by hiccups.  Seriously-four times yesterday.

I always feel like the scale at the doctor's office should be operated similarly to that of airport security-I would like a cup to put my change, jewelry, and shoes please.

Can I just say how unbelievably proud I am to be donning my sparkly wedding jewels at this point?  And by that, I don't mean the $20 replacement version from Target.  Pregnancy with Ruby acted like a magician and turned my fingers and toes right into sausages.  I wasn't able to wear my rings past 28 weeks.

Baby nursery is well underway, Project: Baby Name is one step ahead of where it was two weeks ago (which was nowhere.)  That's not saying a whole lot.

I have 50 (FIFTY!) days until my due date.

Ruby is teething the last of her pretty chompers; her fingers and thumbs can often be found wrinkly as prunes, but she refuses to tell me that her teeth are bothering her.

Ruby has said I too for I love you for as long as I can remember.  Last night, she uttered the three little words and nearly melted.  I yuv YOU!

I left Jimmy for far too long unsupervised yesterday and he purchased a huge television.  Boys and their toys... (How thoughtful of him to imagine me drunk and delirious from lack of sleep, needing a movie getaway in the comfort of my frumpy hair, unwashed hair, and droopy eyes when there is a newborn in the picture.)

I have plans to indulge in an insane amount of roasted garlic hummus, veggie chips, and white cheddar cheese today.

Perhaps with a side of peppermint hot chocolate.  And kindle love.  Plus an in-home movie theatre experience.

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