Thursday, January 20, 2011

blogging by numbers

the view from here

44 number of days until Babycake's estimated arrival

23 number of school days that I have left if I make it until my due date

0 the number of times I got up last night (can I get a hallelujah?!  That hasn't happened in months.)

number of times someone referenced my ever-growing belly with the word "big" (someone should really start classes for those that are completely clueless about pregnant lady etiquette). 

687 number of Oreos consumed since June.  Kidding only slightly (or not).

2 number of times Ruby used the "good girl potty" (we don't refer to it as that, but she uses that phrase instead of 'big girl potty')

24 approximate number of hours until I am inhaling a somewhat infamous Mister Ed meal at a nearby restaurant.  Cut me some slack-I'm pregnant (and weak).

number of baby boy names Jimmy and I agree on (this is significant progress to say we have any names-girl-that we do agree on)

6 number of times in the past week that I have busted Ruby in my chocolate stash in the pantry.  Each time I called her name, she followed it up with a a kiss on my thigh that's hardly resistible.  

3 number of coffee addicts living in my household (I can only wonder if this is soon to be four.)  It should be noted that Jimmy has fallen in love with his frappucino maker Christmas gift and the two of them have not acted empathetic in the least to my coffee avoidance during pregnancy rule.  45 more days until I get to be in on the fun (and not just the smell).

The queen coffee addict herself:

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Jean H. said...

I think you look adorable -- and it's all baby! I'm not sure why people say that stuff, but a woman's body DOES change during pregnancy--duh! I'm anxious to hear whether babycakes is a boy or girl, but I have the same thinking you do! (Oh, and Mom does know best!) Ruby is a doll.

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