Thursday, December 2, 2010


What is it about being pregnant that brings out all of the tactless people?  Even the people that ordinarily have a little; it's like they're caught off guard with the sight of a round belly, thus spewing copious amounts of verbal vomit.

For the winning oh my gosh, you're pregnant and I don't know what else to say comments this week, I have heard this exact comment not once, but twice:

"You're really ballooning out there!"

I can't make this stuff up.  I did not even place the word ballooning in there for dramatic effect; two separate occasions, two different people.

Seriously, you can't come up with better verbage than that?  I can sit here and think of ten million different things to say to a lady with child [ballooning as she may be], none of which would make her want to crawl into a closet for the next three months until she was no longer a magnet for the poor choice of words.

I feel like I should be passing out lottery tickets for contenders in the worst possible things to say race, however I doubt that anyone could out do the reigning winner from my pregnancy with Ruby (I probably just jinxed it all by saying that; never underestimate the tactless).

That comment?

It was made as I walked past this man, and he said, "Wow, are you even still walking?"

What does one say in response to such things?

Thank you?


Student Entrepreneur said...

WOW! I always wonder if people think before the talk?!?

I had one of my hubby's coworkers ask me once, "have you counted up how many months you have been pregnant?"

I said, "well, 8 months."

She said - "NO - I mean have you counted up all the months you have been pregnant in all - it's like 45 months! WOW!"

What do I say to that?!? I have 5 kids!

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Perhaps ask them if they are always so tactless.

Jean H. said...

The ones I didn't like were the ones that had to have their hands on your tummy--like it's their place! Hang in there--I love seeing the pictures; you are beautiful. It's God's way to show that "little one" is growing and developing into another miracle.

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