Thursday, December 9, 2010

the name game

Nearly twenty-eight weeks into a pregnancy with not even a hint of a name for either gender, whichever baby surprises us with upon arrival.

Ruby's name wasn't this hard, and we didn't even focus on the girl half of the name book.  It was sort of an unfair advantage in the naming department, naming her after an amazing and integral woman in Jimmy's life.  Bonus being that it's a unique and beautiful, yet simple name.

We had a list of about thirteen middle name possibilities, most of which were nixed due to varying uprising reasons, so we welcomed her with open arms, and with two middle name choices.  One of which was in the top five for girl's names, and the other one had about ten trillion different spelling variations.

We didn't make a concrete decision until we wrote it in permanent nature on her birth certificate the next day.  We chose the name and spelling that fit us, because it fit her and our situation.  My God has answered me.


I love that she has a unique name; we know of only one other Ruby-and she is twenty years older than our Ruby.  We don't know of an other Elliana.  Her name is unique and special.

But it's not weird.

I feel so overwhelmed with all of the 1,000,000 Baby Names books, that I can't even sit down to sort through one.  Jimmy knows or has met a one of every name I bring up; that or it's a dog's name.  He has an uncanny ability to come up with horrible nicknames in a split second.

I want our baby to have a name that no one else in our circles has, but I can't have a name where people ask you to repeat it six times, and then possibly have to spell it just so they're sure they heard you correctly as they think to themselves that you might be the cruelest parents ever for choosing such a horrid name.

So, here we sit at square one.  I don't even have a starting point.  No origins in mind, no special beginning letters or length.  We'll be in good shape to have a handful of names (for both genders) to go into the hospital with, because I don't plan on naming a mystery person beforehand.

In the meantime, I suppose scouring unique name lists without the inclusion of any ruin your life weird type of names is in my future.  In all of my spare time.

I do have a lead on a front runner girl's name.  Too bad this baby isn't a girl.

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Jean H. said...

The boy name for our last baby (13 years ago for Jenna) was Jeremy Logan -- we are all J's. I really like the name Corby also - different and my great-grandparents last name. Why is it girls' names just seem to come easier? We have one of each! Best of luck...our son (Jonathan) continues to ask why we didn't name him Michael because he has always liked that name...go figure!

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