Tuesday, December 14, 2010

full of Ruby things

It's funny how quickly time passes me by and how I struggle to hang onto moments in time that I lived and felt sure I would always remember.  I look back at videos of Ruby from just a year ago and am amazed at the differences in communication.  

Her vocabulary is unbelievable; my sweet baby is no longer someone that resembles a baby in any way. She has a superb imagination; one that takes me back to my own childhood as I watch her bring her dolls and toys to life, feed her toy horses noodles, and bake eggs (that are hot and must be blowed on) in her miniature pots and pans.

My expressive little doll.  I can't believe sisterhood is just around the corner for us; it seems impossible for her to be big enough for such a role, and yet I know she'll be an amazing big sister.

She sees my belly and will tell exclaim, "Aww Baby!  Baby cuuuute!"  She'll interrupt my showers to make sure I know that the baby is in the shower too.  She runs to my belly and asks, "Feel it?"  As she places her precious, chubby hands there in anticipation of any movement.

Demonstrated daily are her abilities to take in her surroundings, the words and actions around her.  She cares for her baby nightly.  She runs around our room frantically calling out "Change baby's diaper.  Yipes? (wipes)" as she looks for the necessary supplies to change her baby.  And just as her imagination would have it, she uses one of my socks for a diaper and a sandal for her wipes (yipes).

She loves to take her shoes and socks off (and put them back on).  This is most always accompanied by a "Pyooo-eeee."  A similar phrase generally goes with diaper changes.  She is quite adamant that the potty is not a friend.  Stubbornness is something she only comes by naturally, so I know I can't push it.

My favorite phrases out of total adoration for the smallest of things come when Ruby sees me after I have been gone or if she watches as I am getting ready.  I wear two of the same coats every day, but she always makes it a point to say "Pretty coat!" when she sees me.  It's the simple things in life that she finds attractive-putting lotion on my face is also high on her list for things that are pretty.

She must hear, "Aww, you are cute!" way more that I imagined, because she likes to say that to anyone. Such a funny little thing to come out of such a tiny little mouth.

Decision making has evolved into answers of "Mmmhmmm" or "Mm Mm. Nope."  I don't know where she finds this adult dialogue, but it just tickles me that she picks up on such things and knows the correct context to use them in.  

Manners are something we have always worked on, and she generally remembers to be polite without reminder.  She has recently started telling herself, "Thank you.  You're welcome."  as she plays with her toys.  She may be the most polite toddler-once, a few weeks ago, she said as she climbed up the stairs and around a box, "Excuse me, box."

The "Excuse me" thing is killer.  She has made this phrase her own by adding some extra; her version is more like "Excuse me me me,"  perhaps depending upon the offense in question.

Letters, colors, and numbers have been a theme around here.  Animals are still a favorite focus and so are books.  We read books every night before bed and talk extensively about every possible character, leaf, and letter in each book.  The best part of book reading with Ruby is that things are completely real, despite their two dimensional nature.  If she sees cookies or other similar goodies, she eats them up right out of the book a la Cookie Monster.

Ruby knew 19 of the letters last time I checked, and she can count to three.  She knows most of her colors, my favorite pronunciation of course being purple.

Having someone have such a thirst for knowledge and discovery is such a gift.  Baking cookies with me, dressing her wooden doll, playing with her ponies, and learning about letters are highlights in her day.

Favorite Ruby Phrases:

Be careful!

Hold you! (love me some snuggly kid!  This is even funnier when she uses this to get out of something.  If I am ready to brush her teeth, she will turn to Jimmy and say, "Hold you, Daddy?")

Sprinkles (not a phrase, but a funny word-can you tell we bake a lot?)

I need to eat. (hilariously followed by a list of options which almost always includes: noodles, eggs, cheese and crackers, and ham)

Yeah trash! (so proud of herself after throwing things away)

Shut the door?  (this phrase can be used as she is shutting the door, if the door is shut, or if she would like you to open the door).

Dear God & Amen are amazing things to come out of her mouth-and she has the cutest little Amen in the world.

Also, another favorite thing?  When she is told she can't do something or can't eat cookies for dinner and she lets out a heavy sigh, slumps her shoulders forward and walks away slowly and dramatically.

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Unknown said...

Ruby sounds absolutely adorable! I can't wait to have kids for this exact reason; how they develop these wonderful personalities! She's very lucky to have a mum who bakes; baking was one of my favourite memories with my mum :)

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