Tuesday, December 14, 2010

25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Snowmen Faces

These slay me with their cuteness. But even better is how simple they are-they look very creative and time-consuming, but I had a whole batch done in fifteen minutes.

I also managed to look like I was rolling in powdered sugar-which wasn't even involved in this cookie-by the time I was finished

Can you guess what they are made of?

Oreo Snowmen Faces

First, I separated the red M&Ms out of the package-I thought they seemed festive.  Then I cut off the tops of candy corn pieces and placed the mini chocolate chips in a bowl for easier access.

I melted 12 ounces of white dipping chocolate and dipped a sleeve and a half of oreos (this would be almost an entire package, but not quite-I know I have mentioned my shameful addiction of oreos during pregnancy, so we go all out with oreos in bulk).

After dipping, I placed the M&Ms as earmuffs, and then decorated the faces.

Let them cool and voila!  You almost feel bad for eating such a cookie.


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