Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ruby helped her Ama make a coconut creme pie; she beat the eggs.  Possibly the most beaten eggs I have ever seen.  She was a little concerned when she came back later to find the eggs she slaved over had disappeared.

Her favorite part of the meal was the turkey, closely followed up with creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and the rolls.  For dessert, she had a pumpkin bar where she conveniently demolished the top half, and left the bottom crumbs.

It tickles me to see her playing with the old toys that we all played with.  Visions of our own little people imaginations litter my mind as she drives the cars through the town.  I find it sort of unfortunate that the little people toys now have changed so much.  The people don't look the same, the sets themselves are far less enchanting, and well, I guess I'm not one for change.

When she wasn't entertaining herself with her little people friends, she was destroying her drawer in the kitchen and making noodles and eggs for the dogs.  Later, she would feed her momma, her Ama, and Aunt Moo, then suddenly remember that the babycake residing in my belly must be hungry for some eggs too.  So, my belly was greeted with a pastry cutter which happens to be Ruby's choice tool when it comes to serving eggs.

The best thing of all on Thanksgiving?  My mom being a physical therapist.  Ten day headache that did its best attempt at ruining my life was removed quite efficiently.  There was a whole mess of problems in my neck and back, likely caused from toting around the 27 pound toddler and baking babycake simultaneously.  After what was near an hour-long massage, I felt like a new person altogether.

The rest of the day consisted of a whole lotta football, too much food, and being together as a family.  The things that it should be all about.


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