Sunday, November 14, 2010


Quite obviously, we went for the zebra theme with some pink and green thrown in this year.  I love the animal print and since I wouldn't dare try pulling it off myself, I'll take complete advantage of having a two year old that wears anything I pick out for her.

We had a little candy bar with monogrammed glass jars and several other kinds of candy.

I felt like I was playing Russian Roulette (or something) with the cake because I used a bakery that I had never even heard of much less been to before.  It turned out great and we were thrilled with it.  Good thing, since I picked it up the day before the party and would have been scrambling with some good ol' fashioned box cake mix had it not been okay.

It was red velvet with cream cheese filling- our favorite.

 The best part of any party...the food!

Ruby with Ama.

sweet feet

Papa went first to the food table.  He tried taking Ruby with him but she was having nothing to do with anyone else; she was fairly overwhelmed when everyone showed up.

For food, we had meatballs, caramelized onion dip, hot wing dip, pepperoni bread, a chocolate chip cheeseball, and fruit kabobs.  We also had punch; it was a nice easy menu to prepare, so things were fairly relaxed which was nice.

This pictures is so special to me.  My Aunt Sara who is like my second mom flew in from Missouri just to be here for Ruby's party.  I love that Ruby and her can be as close as we are; we are so thankful for her.

After Ruby's cheeks mysteriously turned fire red and then her having a stomach ache last night, I think I have figured out that she is somewhat allergic to strawberries.  Her mouth turned red right after eating them last night, and it didn't go away all night.

Listening to her birthday song-I think she was quite flattered.

Make a wish!

So many fun things to play with!


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Mz E said...

the party theme was BEAUTIFUL! I must confess that ma lil girl bday is coming up as well and she will also be 2. I haven't set any themes or what nots in stone but I tell you just from the good timez U planned I am sure gonna have fun putting it all together! *smile* Stay Blessed!

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