Monday, November 22, 2010

the one about the Christmas cards.

I used to have all of these great ambitions for making my Christmas cards and mailing them to everyone I have ever met, all extended family, and maybe toss a few to some strangers.

That was before I had kids, a job that took up my time, or a life really.

Lately, I have been really into the graphic design (that um, I can't do) things that are all done on the computer.  Last year, I made my Grandpa a photo calendar featuring the three great grandbabies, and this year I have other intentions for family member gifts.  All, thanks to Shutterfly which makes me feel sort of like a graphic designer as I piece things together to make them my own.

I love their Christmas photo cards and love them even more when I think about how quick and easy - and yet personal - they are.

Now the hardest part will be deciding which cute card to use.  Or maybe it will be which picture to feature on the card.

I'll let you know.


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