Friday, November 26, 2010

Consider our Halls Decked

My favorite time of year.  It's amazing to think this time of year will become even more special to me as my children can understand the holidays and I get to relive my childhood vicariously through them.

If Ruby had it her way, we would have 187 ornaments all on top of one another directly at eye level for a toddler.  And I can vouch for some of the ornament packaging claims of "shatterproof" since Ruby decided to try her hand at basketball with a couple of them.  There were no broken pieces accounted for when all was said and done.

Next up on our holiday season agenda: inhaling all things peppermint (I blame this on babycake), wrapping gifts while indulging in hot chocolate (perhaps of the peppermint flavored variety), and watching favorite Christmas movies.

There's also some more shopping to be done, Christmas cards to be completed, and favorite cookies to be baked.

I am most excited about having time off of work to spend with my family, brothers who I haven't seen in far too long, and extended family in the same category.

 The sparkles, the colors, the smells, the music, the movies, the traditions, the joy.

It's a little too exhilarating to imagine the endless possibilities when it comes to creating our own family traditions and ways to celebrate the season.

Christmas stories and advent calendars, traditional gifts, annual meals, favorite cookies, yearly ornaments, and shopping adventures oh my!

One thing that will always remain certain in our family: the reason for the season.


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