Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Birthday Week

Ruby refers to the phrase Happy Birthday as Happy Cakes! which tells you what birthdays are to her.

I took 157 pictures of her on the day of her birthday and the day of her party; I'll spare you.  Sorta.

On Wednesday, I took the day off and spent it at home with her - we had a special day to celebrate her two years.

We started out with pink pancakes and bananas for breakfast.

We played for a long time with puzzles, books, and animals.  We watched a little tv and snuggled.  I told her how special she was to me about five hundred times and relived where we were one and two years ago.

Ama came over and brought balloons with a precious zebra attached.  Ruby danced with balloons and laughter for a long time afterwards; the balloons were a good idea.  Until one popped and her little heart shattered.  Total devastation.

Ama and Papa came over for dinner - we had Ruby's favorite, spaghetti.  After dinner, we waited a bit to cut into the cake and open presents.  

One of my favorite parts on her birthday and at her party was watching her stare in wonder as people sang happy birthday to her.  She sure enjoyed her cake.

Aunt Moo and Kole came over with presents, so she was left with quite a pile.  She ended up getting really excited over a few gifts and wasn't very interested in opening the rest.

She got so many fun things; I'm trying not to think about where we will put all of her new things, especially with Christmas right around the corner.

We're so thankful for our precious two year old, and also thankful for all of the people that love her like we do.

Party Post coming soon.


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