Wednesday, November 24, 2010

all things ruffled

My compulsive purchasing of ruffle outfits and other fun goodies of the baby girl variety has stuffed my mailbox with fun yellow slips instructing me to see the postmaster for the box that's too big to fit into the letter slot.

Perhaps I should consult a support group for such purchases; Ruby sees packages and yells, "Clothes!"  

 She's not one to put clothing away when it arrives.  She likes to try things on immediately.

And fall asleep if she's feeling particularly worn out.

Or sick (ugh).

The sickness seems to be fairly minimal.  Snotty nose with a side of grouch.  I can handle that as long as she sleeps at night.

I'll even be thankful for the trillion times she wakes up at night and asks me to "Hold you?"

How could I resist such a sweet request from a sweet girl...that loves clothes as much as I do?

And in case anyone was keeping a record: headache is still here, annoying me.  Nine day headache with no other significant symptoms.


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