Sunday, October 3, 2010

weekend workout

Ruby and I enjoyed part of the high school football game from afar yesterday afternoon.  We had already been to the volleyball games and she was restless.  I was hot, and didn't feel like fighting her to sit in crowded stands under the hot sun.  She played in the car, and we weren't quite as hot.  I am an advocate for Friday Night Football.  Perhaps I should start a rally because I would much rather be seen wrapped in a blanket and snuggling my hot chocolate than wiping my brow every five seconds.  Plus sunscreen annoys me.

these boots kill me with their cuteness.

I have spent the entire weekend sort of purging our home of things we don't use, but that take up precious space.  Well that and cleaning baseboards and baking cookies.  And watching Glee.

And along with the purging of material possessions, I have really been thinking about some things in my life that sort of drag me down emotionally.  I have burdened myself with so many things around me and then I feel stressed out and exhausted.  On top of being growing a human exhausted.  I have so many things in my life that I am so incredibly thankful for.  I want to focus on those things, and most importantly my family.  I am blessed, and I want to relish in all of the amazing moments where happiness and love shines through.


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