Friday, October 8, 2010

snuggly fall day

Ruby came down with a mysterious fever that took her down rapidly last night.  It was like watching her in a downward spiral until she hit full blown meltdown.  She had no outward symptoms other than taking the place of a furnace in our bedroom, and she slept well.

She seems okay now, but we're having a lazy day, complete with movies, take out lunches, and lots of snuggles.  It feels so good to just be home with my baby.  We're going to have to forego tumbling this afternoon.

We have an exciting week planned this next week.  We have our BIG! ultrasound on Tuesday (though, there will [hopefully] be no gender reveal for us).  I can't wait to see the baby and how much he/she has grown in the last 2 months since our last glimpse.  Jimmy finally caught the monkey flipping around on Wednesday night - Uncle Corey's birthday - so I know the baby is getting a little bigger each day.  I can't believe we're nearly halfway done with this.

We also have great plans to go Christmas shopping at the outlets with my mom.  I can't wait to take a chunk out of my Christmas to do list, and to scope out the awesome outlet deals.  I also plan on ordering new baby room decor after our ultrasound on Tuesday.  Love me some retail therapy!

Ruby and I have great plans for homemade bread and caramel apple cider this afternoon.

I love fall.  And I love my baby girl.


1 comment:

LaVonne said...

I am glad she is feeling better. :)

I LOVE outlets. There is one near my SIL that has an Old Navy Outlet and a Bath & Body Works Outlet.


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