Friday, October 29, 2010

Ruby Doodle.

I wish I could properly convey the love I have for my children in words, both for the world to see and for them to read about one day.  I know that they will never truly understand the amount of emotion behind the words I love you.  There have been so many times when I am speaking those words to Ruby and I think to myself, "Why is there not a better phrase to portray the way I really feel?"  There couldn't be a better phrase-words don't do the emotions justice.

This girl is thirteen days away from turning two.  I can't believe it has already been so long, and yet she has been in my heart always.  What an amazing little person she is, so full of life and love.

She is learning about colors and letters at the moment.  She looks at all letters and asks, "What's that?"  When she's looking for something, she calls out: "Where are you?"

She has been so easy to put to bed (not that it has ever been too much of a battle) lately.  She has just been saying, "Night!" before plopping her head down and nodding off.  She does the same thing in the middle of the night.  She often wakes up to ask for "water please." and when she's finished she says, "Night!" and I don't hear from her again until morning.

I have told Jimmy countless times in our time together about how silly it is to yell at the television during football games.  Ruby confirmed my thoughts when she heard him doing this on Sunday.  She left the room and said so matter-of-fact, "Silly Daddy."

Ruby's very favorite books are from The Little Critter collection.  She searches for the mouse on each and every page.  I love watching her face so full of concentration as she searches the pages high and low.  She always finds him.  She also loves a book that was passed down to her from her daddy's collection-I could probably recite it from memory at this point.  

We're all about the vintage Mickey around here.

Some of my favorite moments with Ruby lately have been spent talking about the sibling residing in my belly.  She loves to hug and kiss the baby.  She also loves to tell Jimmy, "Daddy, baby." as she places his hand on my belly to check for movement.  Sharing her books with the smallest member of our growing family is one of the sweetest things in life.

Singing is another precious past time for my sparkly-eyed girl.  She usually sings songs about Ama, Papa, Moo, Kole, Reece and Dozer (Ama and Papa's giant dogs).  And if she isn't singing a melody about them, she is on her nearest mobile device laughing or exclaiming Oh Nos.

I cherish my child like nothing else.  I thank God for her on a daily basis because she has been a light in our life, and she reminds of to be thankful for the small things.  My faith and trust in God developed so much when I was able to grow this beautiful being in my belly, and it has expanded tenfold since then.


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