Friday, October 1, 2010

pumpkin patch

Little Miss and I ventured to the pumpkin patch today.  The weather is still nice and I knew there would still be a lot of pumpkins to choose from.  And it's the one Friday we don't have something going on-unfortunately Jimmy is busy until Halloween so he didn't get to go with, but we still had fun.

Just her size.

The perfect find.

Caramel apple time.

Playing in the corn corner.  She would have stayed there for hours if I had let her.

We had shopping to do, so we left and spent a fun day together shopping for the most random of things. We had lunch in the food court at the mall where we both enjoyed some very random and amusing people-watching opportunities.  I love these momma-daughter dates with my sweet little one, and I look forward to so many more.


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