Friday, October 22, 2010

fall days & hair dilemma.

Mother nature can't decide if she'd still like to create freakishly warm weather for this time of year, or if she should make up for lost time and start spitting snow and blowing lovely winds.  If I could make a request, I would ask for something right in the middle, please.

For now, I am deep in the depths of imagining that it really is indeed fall (with weather to match), and my house swirls with scents of cinnamon and pumpkin and baked oatmeal.  My washer makes clothes dance clean, and my baby snores the morning away in bed while I watch the Today Show.

I have plans to get the hairs chopped after them misbehaving for months on end.  I hate my hair.  I'm one of those obnoxious people that can't decide on a length, continually going back and forth dramatically.  Though, I haven't had long hair since my wedding more than three years ago.  My patience is dissipating with age, because I can't wait for my hair to grow even though I find long hair nice.  

It's this in between stage that drives me to insanity.  Please tell me I am not the only one that makes a hair appointment and then has the best hair day in history the day prior.  I have to keep telling myself that I hate it the other 364 days a year, so it's going in the garbage.

My other issue is the lack of blondie goodness.  No highlights for me when I'm pregnant-I can't bother with the unknown risks.  

I went to make an appointment with my hair expert yesterday and um, she is out of town until the middle of November.  I will be crazy by then, so I did something you always want to do when choosing a new hairstyle-I chose someone else to go to.  I am also taking Ruby with me.

Perhaps, I have indeed already lost my mind.

This cute girl and I have big and exciting plans today (you know, aside from the stupidly planned haircut experience scheduled for this afternoon).  I have a duster, a vacuum, and a mop calling my name.  That, and 344 loads of laundry (is this stuff reproducing?!)  Then I brave the doctor appointment and hair appointment with toddler in tow.

Please let the snow hold off.



LaVonne said...

The laundry IS never ending in this house too. Are my family just throwing in clothes that are not even dirty? I might be crazy too :)

Blessings and Happy Weekend.

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Ahhhh....laundry...the never ever ever ending chore. Blessings with it!

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