Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top 10 Myths of Pregnancy

I love being pregnant strictly from the sense that it's a miracle.  The miracle of life.

But if we're being totally honest here, there are a lot of misconceptions about pregnancy.  And some things are not things that make you love the whole concept.

10.  Morning Sickness (there is no morning about this nausea; I refer to this as Morning Noon and Night Sickness).

9.  Heartburn just means your baby will come out with a head full of hair.
Lucky Charms and water gave me heartburn and my child came out almost completely bald.

8.  Your pre-pregnancy figure will be back within nine months, possible sooner if you are breastfeeding.
Your pre-pregnancy body will be back, um...NEVER.

7.  Being in shape makes for an easier labor.

6.  Lotion and stretchmark oils will prevent  stretchmarks.
No.  Just no. Thank your genetics for your battle wounds.

5.  Pregnant women have beautiful hair, skin, and nails.

4.  Cravings are a mental weakness.
Don't mess with a pregnant woman's food desires.

3.  There are people who love every minute of pregnancy.
Everyone will complain about something during this amazing time.

2. If you carry low, you'll have a boy.  If you carry high, you'll have a girl.
Same goes for the heartrate myths.

1.  Pregnancy lasts nine months.
By my calculations, 40 weeks=10 months.



Steph said...

I couldn't have said this better!

leanne said...

You mean heartburn doesn't always lead to lots of hair? I had no idea:) Just kidding. So, I was looking at NYC pics...when are we going on another trip??

LaVonne said...

Breastfeeding did help me lose the weight, but once I stopped and went back on the pill? Hello 15 lbs!

I am trying now to get rid of that.

Pregnancy's physical effects? Not too fun :) LOL

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