Friday, September 24, 2010

the small things.

The weekends are never laid back around here, although that's always how I imagine them before they have come and gone and I hardly understand why it's Monday again.

Today, I had a doctor appointment where baby was named a turkey for being so wiggly, and I had some questions answered.  But other than that, it was a fairly worthless visit (that's a good thing!).  I debated whether or not to bring Ruby but decided against it when I had to think about what to do with her when I had to use the restroom there.  I decided to do some shopping at Dillards and Old Navy.  A quick me trip this morning and then I headed home.  It was a nice morning drive full of fall colors, good music, and lots of life reflecting.  I am just grateful for all that I have!

I came home and I grabbed Ruby and headed to the powderpuff football game.  Aunt Moo is a senior, so we're enjoying our last year of watching the homecoming festivities.  Ruby didn't do as much cheering as she did collecting rocks and playing football with another girl her size, Alyssa.

We are in the middle of some emotional crisis mode with Ruby (I can only imagine puberty, thanks) and she is incredibly sensitive.  She gets her feelings hurt very easily and lately she has been crying a lot.  Let's just say she's having sympathy hormonal surges, ha!  Anyway, she fell down at the game and was upset about it, crying, the whole nine yards.  I was so nervous to take her to tumbling today because of the way it played out last time.  We almost didn't go, but I decided to try once again before pulling her out.

This time, rather than sitting with her and helping, I stayed back and let her do her own thing.  She did SO well.  I walked out of there feeling a little less like my child was this monster in a cute body.  She listened very well to the teacher and with a little help from me.  I guess I was just in the way last time.  I'm actually excited to take her back next time because she liked it a lot today (and so did I!)

Tomorrow we have the homecoming parade, tailgate party, and then the football and volleyball games.  It will be a long day, and before I know it, the weekend will be gone again.

One of these days, I will focus on my hurry up and get things done before baby is here list.  But for now, I'm enjoying living right now with my sweet family.  We actually have Jimmy home with us tonight, so we're having potato soup, having our own Glee marathon, and if I'll probably do some more nursery decor obsessing researching.

Oh, and we got Ruby's Halloween costume in the mail today- cutest.butterfly.ever.


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