Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Weekend

I just felt the baby move after dinner last night and there was no mistaking those familiar sensations.  I'm fairly certain I have been feeling it here and there for a couple of weeks now, but I am always busy doing something and I can't focus on it until it has happened and has stopped, then it doesn't happen again.  But I am 100% sure that's what this just was and it makes me so excited!  Baby must have liked the pizza we had for dinner.  Mom and Dad took me out for a late birthday dinner which was really nice.  Ruby was a flirt at the restaurant with everyone in there.  One guy was walking out and she yelled, "I LOVE YOU!"  Yikes, we need to have a discussion on stranger danger here very soon.

Ruby had her first tumbling class yesterday and it was a nightmare.  She looked cute, but that was about all that was cute.  I wished those mats would swallow us whole so we could disappear-I was mortified by her behavior, which was so unlike her.  She was the youngest there by a good year (the class is 18 months to 4 years) and I think the structure of it all was hard for her.  She got upset when they were sitting down to stretch and then cried off and on the entire time.  If she wasn't running around on her own agenda and I asked her to do something, her feelings were hurt and she'd start crying again.  Then I would ask her if we needed to leave and she'd yell, "NO!" so I'm sure she looked like a spoiled brat.  It made me sad, because I was really looking forward to it.  She did like the part where they got to hop and run down the mats, but when they were sitting still doing things, she got upset that she had to sit there.  Ugh.  I'm nervous to go next week now.

I know she is little and people probably don't think of her that way when she acts out, but she is SUCH a well-behaved child, she is so willing (and wanting!) to follow directions and do as she is told and then today it was like she was transformed into this other monster child.  I still feel upset by her behavior, mostly because it took me by surprise.  She never acts like that.

Today, we spent a lazy day at home, baking brownies and pumpkin cranberry nut bread.  Then we went to the volleyball game where the popcorn monster reigned again.  This kid can put away serious amounts of popcorn.

Tonight, we finally have Jimmy home (thank you, football), so we have great plans for a movie rental and birthday cake (only a week late; this is all the indication you need to understand how crummy and tired this baby has made me).


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