Sunday, September 5, 2010

hold on tight.

As the tenth day came around each month in Ruby's first year, I always found myself so sad to find out that time indeed does travel as quickly as everyone says when you have children.  I couldn't believe the first several days, weeks, and months were whipping right past my eyes and I was left to wish I had more of those precious moments with my sweet baby.

But the truth is, I am enjoying this wild ride.  I do wish it would slow down, but as Ruby gets bigger and her little brain learns new things every day, she becomes even more of a joy in our lives-something we never thought possible.

Each day brings something new in terms of discovery and learning, and the privilege to watch this as a front row spectator is something I wish for everyone.  I have the most kind-hearted, compassionate child who loves to snuggle which is like the cherry on top of the dessert.  Her giggles and joy for things in life might just be the sprinkles.

We are so blessed; I want to savor every single day of the too-fast growing up part.


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