Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall & Life.

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year.  The pumpkins, the cinnamon and apple scents, the beautiful leaves, the smells, and the food.  Sitting inside with the breeze creeping through my house.

But it seems to me, that fall becomes infinitely more special when you know you're growing a life.  This has happened to me twice now, and I can't really explain the difference, but it's something that has changed my life.  When I smell some of these familiar scents, I am brought back to the times of feeling Ruby's movement and seeing a huge belly.  What a miracle life is, and I am so grateful I have been blessed to carry life three times now.

And now I get to do it all over again, this time not quite as huge...though not far behind (second baby belly is serious business).


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