Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruby Quirks

I wish there was a way to capture Ruby's favorite past times with a video camera securely attached to her.  She is fascinating to watch as she discovers things; I wish I could know the things that went on in her little mind.

Some of her latest favorite things include:

falling asleep in her cowboy boots and pajamas

trying on layers upon layers of my clothing with the shoes for an added accessory

packing things in bags to carry around; things in her bags include pens, combs, hangers, books, and stuffed animals.  Hey, a girl has to be ready for anything that might come her way.

announcing "BESS YOU!" anytime she hears any sound that even remotely resembles a sneeze.

drinking out of a cup by herself.  I cringe at the moments when she forgets that her mouth isn't a foot from her face, thus spilling a bunch on the floor.  But hearing her say "oh no; I made a mess!" afterwards  is a little hard to resist.

snuggling in to read books and more books.  There are plenty of "what's that?" questions as we read.

calling Ama and Papa; this could be on the real phone or her innovative handphone.  Her conversations are much more dramatic on the handphone than the actual phone, usually involving something troublesome with Papa, apparently.  Her actual phone conversation is usually something like, "Hi Ama.  I love you.  Buh-bye!"

*there is a slight chance I found two extremely dehydrated apple slices in her toy box today, but that would only be if I considered my child a packrat.  [Verdict is still out].


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