Thursday, August 26, 2010

1 going on 30

We're at that watch what you say and do phase with Ruby.  Just in the last week, I have noticed her saying and doing things that I have never taught her, but she has certainly picked up.

The other night in bed, we were talking about animals and the sounds they make.  When I asked her what other animals she knew about, she responded with a finger tapping on the chin, eyes looking upward and mouth saying Hmmm.  I caught her today with her arms crossed, foot tapping, and clicking her mouth like she disapproved of something.

Lately, she hasn't been ready for bed when I am, so she usually reads books while Jimmy is awake next to her.  Last night, for whatever reason, she was a bit extra rowdy and I was jolted awake by a thud to the mouth.  Her head did some serious damage to my lip and it scared me.  I think my reaction just frightened her, but she got herself so worked up that she had hurt me.  I had to go to the bathroom to clean up my lip, and when I came back, she asked me if I was okay, barely getting the words out because she was crying so hard.

She stole another little piece of my heart when that happened-what a compassionate child I have.  I felt so bad that I hurt her feelings that badly.

Sadly, next week I am headed to work four days a week and I am sort of devastated about leaving her.  I know she is in great hands, but I am going to miss our days together.


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