Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ruby + Dirt

What is it about summer that makes me want to lay around fanning myself, has me dreaming about the next time I will eat ice cream, and makes me want to cry when I think about my next blow dryer encounter?

This heat has me longing for less lightheaded days, cinnamon pumpkin scents, and autumn foliage. 

On Tuesday, Ruby and I went to Aunt Meredith's horseshow where plenty of dirt, sweat, and sunscreen swirled together.  Ruby played with some other kids there and was as filthy as she has ever been in her life by the time we left.  She was sorting rocks out of the fine dirt while sitting in the wind; you can imagine the color of her bath water when we got home. 

note the dirt unibrow.  it's unfortunate the fingernails aren't visible. ick!

Today, we went to get "i-key!" with Ama and sat in a nearby park.  It was more of a milkshake by the time Ruby finished it, but she loves her some ice cream!

We spent the rest of our evening at the county fair watching the pig show.  The pigs kept Ruby's attention for most of the time; some other little girls kept it for the remainder of the time.  It's fun to watch Ruby with other kids because she isn't really around them much.  She's pretty social and unafraid; it just tickles me to see her trying to chat with them and keep up with them.

We're going to the parade and rodeo this weekend; the future obviously holds more sweat, sunscreen, and dirt for us.

That's what summer is for, right?

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