Monday, July 19, 2010


My sweet girl has been using the big potty today!  She has gone twice on there and there have been no accidents in between!  She got to have an oreo the first time she went, and the second time warranted a couple of jelly beans.  I have discovered this is much easier without a diaper and when I am not in the bathroom with her. 

**In the time it took me to write this, she definitely did have a rather messy accident.  It's all a part of the deal, but I hope the messes are fairly minimal after this.**

I can't believe she is already ready for this!  I look at her face and wonder how she is already 20 months old, speaking like a little grown up with sentences and all, using the potty, and just soaking up the facts of life. 

So, you know you're a mom when you can write an entire blog entry dedicated to the potty.  As if the squealing and jumping around wasn't enough when the events on the potty actually happened.

Lest you believe my life revolves around all things potty, other happenings:

-we are planning a trip to the zoo this week; I can't wait to see Ruby's reaction!

-I have a sick obsession to the Bachelorette (who you rooting for?  I'm gonna go with Roberto but it seems like a Catch 22, because I don't love Ali and I think he deserves better.  Also, I don't think she'll stay with whomever she ends up with, but what do I know?)

-I am on a mission to recreate some delicious pear pizza.

-my to do list is about a mile long and blogging wasn't on there.



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