Sunday, July 11, 2010

Living It Up

(bless her heart; she doesn't wear heat well.  Just like her mama).

My house and deadline for a class presentation have swallowed me up and spit me out on the other side of the weekend.  I hate when that happens.  The good news is: it's doooone!  I hardly know how to handle myself without feeling suffocated by looming deadlines.

It has been HOT here.  It's a good thing I don't live with humidity because a) it does terrible things to my hair and b) I am dying in my dry little area of the world and that's bad enough.  I'm hot when I wake up, hot when I go to bed, hot when I get ready.  It's almost bad enough for me to wish fall was here.  But I'm not quite ready for the vibrant leave changes and pumpkin season.

We did get the baby pool out yesterday.  It's unfortunate that I was a slave to what might have been the most boring research assignment ever.  She loved it and Jimmy enjoyed spending a bit of time outside with her while she played with Captains Elmo & Ernie and hollered at nearby chirping birds.

This week, Jimmy and I celebrated our anniversary.  Jimmy made me the sweetest card and I would be lying if I told you he failed to make me cry.  Guy knows how to earn brownie points.  To celebrate our anniversary, I went all out, starting the day off with a physical where I got a surprise EKG because Oh surprise! Your heart is beating with an irregular rhythm. We're just going to hook you up to these spaghetti cord monitors and take a picture of the weird electrical things happening in your body. I love surprises like that. All seems to be well with the ol' ticker but irregular and heart are not two thing I'd like to hear in the same sentence. I ended the day spending four hours at a CPR class.  I don't know what I'll do next year since I have set the anniversary celebrations bar so high.


Random things of the week:

-I found my new favorite perfume. If I can find a way to part with any one of my 42 current favorite fragrances, I'll have room on my shelf to purchase this.

-Sonic's Campfire Blast tastes really good for about 10 bites but thinking about it later made me queasy.

-I am on a serious card-making kick.  Good thing I have so much time on my hands to allow for fun hobbies.

-I have rediscovered chocolate fudge poptarts and rekindled my love affair with oreos and milk.  My thighs are pissed.

-Ruby turned 20 months old and I feel totally blindsided.

-Ruby woke up one morning and yelled for me, "Where are youuu?"


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