Friday, June 25, 2010

my ovaries may have just squealed.

I know I can't be the only one that looks at these pictures and sort of kind of maybe sees how The Duggar Family just keeps expanding.

I am working with an amazing photographer with my etsy things; each time I get more pictures from her, I squeal out loud, thrust the phone in Jimmy's face and ask him to tell me how much cuteness is captured in these!

I could almost forget about my now-glow-in-the-dark stretchmarks, the lovely saggy post-baby bod, and the fact that those 40 weeks of my life weren't nearly 40 weeks of pure bliss.

Fine, my stretchmarks don't grow in the dark, but they do have this lovely glistening purple look to them and they are super attractive, especially the ones that not only made themselves at home on my thighs, but REPRODUCED and made thousands.


I am so far behind on NYC posting, because I have now added 10 jam-packed days of San Francisco, Reno, Napa Valley (there is a slight chance that I briefly entertained the idea of owning my own winery today), and more San Francisco.

Oh, and so much shopping, we had to go buy a new suitcase. 

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