Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have been seriously out of sorts the last few days.  Between the whining, the stomach bug from you know where, the bookstore messing up an extremely important deadline, thinking about leaving for NYC and the possibility of never coming home (seriously, don't fly with me.  I'm not a fun person to fly with) I just haven't felt very put together this week.  We won't even mention the fact that my online class for the preschool director qualifications started today and the bazillion things I have do in regards to my job. 

There is a strong possibility that, in my seriously frazzled state, that I waxed an entire hole out of one of my eyebrows and that I may have googled my chances of dying in a plane crash.  But I'll never tell.

Okay, so maybe frazzled was an understatement.

But things are much better now.  My house is almost spotless, my suitcases are packed, I am physically ready to go out for our girl's vacation in the big city.  I'll let you know how many times I cry, being away from Ruby.

For now, enjoy one of the things Ruby and I spend doing many times a day: animal noises.  She loves talking about animals and her noises are so precious.

now, pray for my sanity and for Leanne's patience for my compulsive phone calls home.  also, for Jimmy to get some sleep (ha.  hahahahahahaha. yiiiiikes).

1 comment:

leanne said...

Cute video! My favorite is "shake it!" See you tomorrow when we leeeeaaaveee! So excited. Even if you are a crazy flyer:)

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