Monday, May 10, 2010

A Year & A Half

I say this all the time, but I may have whiplash from how fast time is pulling me forward.  I can't believe my little angel is 18 months old.

In the land of the 18 month olds, it's cool to whine as much as you can, cling to your mom and refuse to be put down, throw 90 percent of your meals to the dogs, and pull every.single.toy. you own out and string them all over the house.

You are in serious parrot mode, mimicking nearly everything you hear and see.  My recent favorite was when you exclaimed Oh Gosh! for no apparent reason.  Your manners are great, and you even know the correct responses when asked if you have forgotten your manners.  You like to remind others to say their thanks for your kisses too, which are possibly in the hundreds each day.  Your vocabulary is expanding daily-you probably say close to 100 words but you can repeat nearly anything you hear.

You love feeding yourself with a spoon but have been caught red-handed splatter painting the walls or eating out of your bowl like a dog.

Your current favorite things: yelling for the dogs, yogurt, tickling people (which more closely resembles pinching and you can be heard saying tickle tickle ten feet away and ten seconds prior to doing so), putting things in bags or containers and carrying them around, chasing bubbles outside, climbing the stairs, reading books, and the new one: fit throwing (please, sense my joy with this new development).

Your favorite word may possibly be NO! but you sure hate to hear it from others.  In fact, if you are told no, you may be found crumbling into a pitiful puddle on the floor and sobbing for about .7 seconds until you forget about it.

Physically, your growth as slowed down tremendously-you weighed 24 lbs and 2 oz today at your doctor appointment (that's 25-50th percentile) and 31.75" tall (50th percentile).  You have 12 teeth, but I like to pretend that you have about 4 more coming in that way there's an excuse for the whining/clinging that's been happening.

You are a sponge and it's amazing to watch you blossom.  You have a zest for learning and life that is unbelieveable to be around.  You make everyone's life a little brighter and our love a little deeper.

We love you more with every passing second, something which is in inconceiveable to imagine and impossible to express with words.

Happy 18 months, precious girl!


Davney said...

I can't believe she's that old already :(

Love the last two pictures!

leanne said...

Great pictures! She is growing up so fast. I hope she's teaching mason more of the manners and less of the clingy/whiny:)

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