Thursday, May 27, 2010

Precious Moments

Today was just sort of one of those days.  One of those days where I suddenly became mom to a needy newborn.  A day where nothing was really accomplished unless you wanted to listen to maniacal screaming and shrill shrieking.

Because I'm probably the most innovative person you'll ever meet (ha!) I fashioned my own baby wrap that would be strong enough to lug Ruby's 24-pound little body around while I tried to accomplish some things.  I got her in, decided it would hold, and lullabied her right to sleep, checking sleepy progress in the reflection of the microwave.  I did manage to write out graduation cards for this weekend, fold clothes and clean up around the kitchen before my back had enough.

And then I sat outside on the porch as she slept in that wrap.  I brought my book, sat right in the sun and took it all in.  It was such a simple moment shared with my baby girl, but it was one I won't soon forget.  The sunlight transforming her baby curls into locks of gold.  The wind blowing through those golden locks.  The smell of her sweet breath on my cheek as she dozed.  Our beautiful mountain range highlighted with the rays of light.  The smell of summer.  No, my floors did not get mopped, my bathrooms cleaned, or my scrapbooking stuff organized. 

And I don't care.

I don't care because Ruby's almost too big to carry around like that.  Because she's going to be entirely too busy for snuggles before I know it.  Because life is precious.  Because I took a half an hour to relish in the small things, something I do all too seldom.  Because that's 30 minutes with my sweet girl that will never be replaced.

It was something we both needed.

I won't have a first baby ever again.  I won't have a baby Ruby ever again.  That's so sad to me.  As fun as it is to watch her blossom as she is, it's so bittersweet that her babyhood is disappearing right along with it.  It's something that has always crossed my mind, but I think as I see Ruby just transform before my very eyes into this little girl, I am just taken aback by how quickly this is all going.  She'll be my baby forever and ever but she won't always be so willing for these precious moments. 

I am so in love with this precious little girl!

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